Talk About On the Nose

I’m going to block quote this, because: yeah.

“Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation so difficult that it seems like a long-drawn crisis; we cannot solve it; there is no way to escape. Such a problem will occupy our thoughts continually—round and round it goes and the more we think about it, the more we are engulfed in despair.”
-One Day at a Time in Al-Anon

Yup, been feeling very triggered by the current virus climate. I am really missing the horses, as if that has to be said, but it’s illuminating how much that activity has been my primary form of grounding. I mean, I know it’s powerful.  I knew it was powerful even though I was only going twice a week; the thing is, it was only twice a week. Now it’s off the table, so what can I do to… not replace it, obvs, but manage?

Firstly I’ve been dipping back into ODAT, so we’ve that to thank for the above. As it’s been years since I read any of the programme literature every day, it’s been interesting to see what hits and what doesn’t. (It’s also sparked an idea for another book.)

I’ve been using my Reiki actively every day, which is likely a whole ‘nother post, but I’ll leave that here for now.

I’ve been sitting with whatever meditation app or recording seems aimed at the spot I need to hit; it’s mainly those that centre around the heart space.

I take a daily constitutional; if only I had a parasol to carry and a gentleman caller in a frock coat to accompany me LOL. But it does sound very Regency Era historical.

And as to that, I’m tapping away at the shitty first draft of the second novel in my Regency Era historical + Shapeshifters romance series, the first instalment to appear next April (oh! It’s April now! I’ll have to do an advance birthday announcement.)

And like that, taking the time to read a page, to let go, and focus my mind elsewhere, the trigger is defused.

The larger situation is out of our control; my heart breaks for the lost ones and their families. None of us can do anything but what’s in front of us, and sometimes what is in front of us is total shit. But honest to higher power, there is relief. One hour at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time. I can’t recommend a programme enough at this moment in our world history, and I don’t even mean meetings. Finding a school of thought that (which I resisted like mad) did me a world of good, and the slogans are a simplest of lifelines these days. Easy does it. Keep it simple. This too shall pass.

And speaking of noses, here’s one that might lift the spirits.



Al-Anon Family Groups. One Day at a Time in Al-Anon. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: KSC Printers, 1992 (1968).


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