I Need to Stop Talking to People Like They Are Horses


Off I went, to have my weirdly strong reading glasses checked, the ones I got before the Rona kicked off, and I was taking my usual informal poll of how many people were going about masked.

Informal statistic: not many.

On my corner sits a real estate agent whose plate glass windows go from floor to ceiling. Given that so few had masks on, and since social distancing is apparently over, I looked through the corner so I could avoid maskless oncomers. I halted and allowed a pair of walkers to pass and then proceeded around the corner —

To be faced with a woman, unmasked, walking backwards, talking to her companion, unmasked, and I put out my hand and said, ‘Whoa-ohhhhhhh’.

We had our first riding club clinic just recently and we had to go catch our horses beforehand, which we never had to do before. Fionn was in with the ponies and since it was breakfast time, the herd was gathered at the gates. There was nothing for it but to plough through ponies to get to the horse*; I stuck out an arm and said, ‘Baaa-aack, baaa-aaack.’

Basically, the same thing I did to those humans today but with far less incredulity in response.

I am laughing as I write this, and I guess this is my general response in the current climate: reverting to horseriding behaviour (see also here). Your one’s face was a picture, but I just kept moving forward and managed to avoid getting knocked into by a stranger.

My reaction was so ingrained I don’t think I can stop talking to people like they are horses. Having said that, I really should stop clicking at humans when they are moving too slowly…


*The horse that I’ve only been riding since we got back, so not very long, who walked right for me once I called his name. !! I haven’t had a chances to take selfies due to current restrictions, but soon I hope!


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