Can I Make Equie Happen?


It’s not like I haven’t tried, as a cursory search through this weblog will reveal more than one selfie with more than one horse.

It only stands to reason that a selfie with a horse is an equie. Right? Even after all the horses with whom I’ve posed, it’s just not catching on.

Connell lovvvvvvvved getting his picture taken, and Fionn who is a gent in every way, was amenable as well.

Oh, and Argo! My very first equie in many was, way before selfies were even a thing!

William haaaaated the camera phone and I had to take what I could get with him, and Freya… Freya isn’t 100% keen, but dang if that gal can’t find her light.

Well, anyway: here I am again after a couple of years of on/off horsing due to circumstance beyonf all our controls, as well as publishing three Regency era paranormal romances (think Bridgerton meets werewolves) under the pseudonym of Susanna Allen (see for more info).

The story of Freya and I is to come!


Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency… and Horses is AVAILABLE NOW.

Preorder your copy today:
> In the US, click on over to Trafalgar Square Books’ site.
> In the UK and Europe, visit Quiller Publishing’s page.


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