The Post I Am Not Writing

… is here, because:

OMG the zig zag leg yield from E to B! Like, how in a million billion years could that ever be my experience!

Not that this is a bad thing. I know my limitations — wait, was that just a three meter circle or what — there they go again! Janie Mac.

Okay, I know they’ve got special reins, I don’t even know what they’re called, the double rein things, and that yeah they are Olympians, but what does that feel like? Does it feel as effortless as it looks?

I would dearly love to hear the rider’s internal monologue.

And those horses! Those horses have forgotten more than I will ever know. Ever. About life, much less about equestrian matters. Wowee.

This Brazilian rider, her seat, it moves not. Wowwwwww —

The leg yielding is killlllin me — oh! What a halt!

I was having the best day on Tuesday, watching and trying to blog over at, and researching a feature article about female orgasms [yes, indeedy], and watching the showjumping, and playing on Twitter — even though there were plenty of tweets about LOL THE HORSE JUST POOED and OH THIS IS SO BORING. Well, okay, you know, fine: your average punter is not going to go gaga over a halt. But do you really need to share? Because my opinions about skeet shooting and canoe slalom, they really don’t matter.

The hoppity hop flying changes! I die!

Oh, really well done, Brazilian lady, and your horse, Pastor*! I applaud at my desk!

*Ha ha I know the name of the horse but not the rider.

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