The Miracle Continues…

AM I JINXING IT??? I’ve been riding Connell with a shorter stick, and it hasn’t been the best, so I decided to dig out the long stick again.

I decided this with the understanding that it may very well not be there. Honestly, I found it again as I mentioned here, and that had been after about six months gathering dust behind the big set of shelves. The notion that it would remain unfound seemed, well, unfounded. I have put things down outside the loo and come out, moments later, to find them gone. So, you know, it’s in the lap of the Gods.

Still there! I’ve noticed that sometimes just the sight of a long stick puts manners on a beastie. As we did rather well today, and as I didn’t even need to touch Connell more than twice or three times with it, the mere presence of the long stick is doing its job.

As I hid it again after the lesson, Anne Marie was hanging around. ‘I trust you,’ I muttered as I winkled it back into its magic hiding place. ‘I’ve seen you do this before!’ she laughed, and yeah, I had to laugh too. It’s probably not as slick as I think, but so far, so good…

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