Itchy and Scratchy

Hey, this is weird:

About two months ago — months — I received my first kick. Tango was in the lesson, and Connell and I were behind him. Tango is much the same, stopping when he wants, backing up at will, making a chaos of things. So there we were, going around on the left rein, and Tango stopped. His rider tried to get him to go, and he backed up a step.

Now, this happens a lot. You just kind of stop and wait for him to get going again. You know not to get right up his bum in the ride, because, well, that backing up thing. I felt something though, some instinct kicked in (ha, ha)… and as I started to turn Connell away and to the left, suddenly there was this enormous chestnut arse looming larger and larger. I put on the outside leg and opened the inside rein and — well, shit.

Bang into the side of my shin. Connell leapt inwards, and off I went. It stung! And how grateful was I that I had started to move? I got back up and continued on, with a feeling of… gathering in my lower right leg — thank God it wasn’t my left! Insult to injury of the injury! — and made it through. It was numb that evening, then sore for a day or two, and then… nothing.

Nothing except that my shin looked kind of dented. This was also kind of weird, to look at. I iced it, put on the magnet occasionally, and sort of forgot about it.

And then, about three weeks ago, it started itching? Like, OMG, if I don’t scratch this, I will go out of what’s left of my mind. It hurt to scratch it, so I scratched around it… and then in another week, a couple of weird little spots came up? Like, when you scratch a mosquito bite? Red, and inflamed(ish). Now, it is scratchable directly on the site, and it is looking less dented.

I asked around a bit, but stopped when met with incredulous looks and ‘What? It’s itchy?!?’

I could google it, I suppose, but I’m too scared. As kicks go, it could have been very much worse, and Tango is banned for the moment.

Itchy. I swear. It is the weirdest thing…

2 Replies to “Itchy and Scratchy”

  1. Damaged possibly killed the thin skin over the surface of your shin and now it is shedding and is itchy in the same way a scab is itchy when the new skin underneath is healed would be my guess.

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