I have had some mighty falls. I had one where my physio said that one of my vertabrae [at the top] was, in his words, a little knocked out of alignment. I had one where the bruise took two weeks to come up, it was so deep. That time I got knocked out? That was a Saturday, and I was back on Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday, but I am at home blogging because I pulled a muscle in my left calf.

When I woke up this morning, my lower back was in bits. This was due to, I figured, having tweaked my leg muscle? Maybe? I wasn’t sure. Anyway, I reckoned, well, I’d take it easy in the lesson, get the muscles warmed up, and I’d be grand. Need to be working from my core anyway, right? Which lately — finally! — I am. Finally. When I bent down to pick up my boots: arrgggggh! and I had forgotten all about the leg.

Bit of fresh air, a bit of another stretch at the bus stop, and the back felt like it was loosening up. Then I got off the bus to walk to work, and owwwwww.

Okay. I breathed through it. I walked slowly, to the SPAR for a latte, to the building across the road… and within hours, my lumbar region was forgotten as I limped around the place. I considered popping a few more Nurofen — steroid injections being somewhat out of my realm of possibility — but my lips still felt numb from the ones I’d taken that morning. There was nothing for it then. I had to cancel.

Well, dammit. Had it been my right leg, I would have gone, but I knew that there would be no way I’d mount. Luckily I had had a physio appointment yesterday, hours after the injury, and had gotten seen to. But as stupid as I am about this lark, I am not that stupid. I’m taking the long view: one day I can miss; a week, two weeks? Nuh uh.

So homewards I limped, and there’s a fabulous new reusable hot/cold pack currently chilling in the freezer, and I’m hoping that I will be in shape to do that dressage test next week… Oh, and did I mention that I got this muscular annoyance from dressage? Who knew?

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