SORTA I didn’t see one horse the whole time I’ve been in Berlin [long weekend], just one shaggy pony in a field on the way in to city centre, last Thursday. There were horses in the statue atop the Brandenburg Gate; I imagined myself, in a giddy moment, cantering down the road itself through [past?] the Tiergarten.

Now, with an entire epoch to pass in Shonefeld [remember key caps? I can’t find the umlaut for the ‘o’], I veered into a souvenir shoppe, and bought a wee horse. A Palomino. I am obsessed with Palominos — Palomini? A gelding — and I did so want a mare! Ah, well. There was a sexy looking Friesien-type, but I really could not justify paying almost twenty euro for plastic figures.

Gotta draw the line somewhere…