Some Things I Would Like to Say…


‘Yes. Yes. I understand what you’re telling me. Yes, I can hear you, and intellectually, what you’re saying makes total sense. Intuitively, maybe not. It’s hard to imagine that if my horse is dropping his inside shoulder while we’re cantering a circle, that if I open up the inside rein, he will straighten up. I am positive that you are correct. You do, of course, know more than I do. But right this second, on this animal, I feel like, if I open the rein, WE ARE GOING TO SPIN AND SPIN AND DIG A FECKIN’ HOLE TO CHINA!!!!!’

‘I understand that the thing I am doing is wrong. I realise that this horse is not like that horse, and that — even though you’re not saying this exactly, I know that you’re thinking it — if my seat were better, and if my balance were better, then I would be riding this horse better, and it wouldn’t matter that he feels so remarkable, shockingly different but I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HORSEPERSON AND IT TAKES ME A FEW LESSONS BEFORE I GET USED TO A NEW HORSE!!!!!’

‘Thank you for your feedback. I’m sure it must be frustrating, watching people do the same thing incorrectly, over and over and over. I sure it must make you completely crazy to think that nothing is sinking in. It is certainly frustrating for me, making progress in one area and falling back in others! The thing is, though, that I think I’m in a weird place, that I’m on the cusp of hopefully making an excellent advancement in my riding and all I ask is that YOU PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I’VE ONLY BEEN DOING THIS FOR TWO AND HALF YEARS!’

‘I do take this seriously, and I wouldn’t be riding three times a week [four] if I didn’t. But, for me, the WHOLE POINT OF THIS IS THAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!’

Whew. Needed to get that off my chest. All better now.

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