Magical Endorphins

All it took was another lesson, and all those muscles that had bunched up in shock unfurled again. It’s always been my experience that whatever hurts after you horseride will feel better once you put your body back into position, and get those lovely, lovely endogenous opiates flowin’. So all of Thursday’s aches and pains got trotted and cantered out.

Not the greatest hour ever, the winds were shockin’, blowing dirt in our faces while we waited outside the indoor. We did a half-and-half – kids in one half, adults in the other – and I had Delilah, simply because I didn’t want to deal with Rebel’s certain reaction to the gale.

She’s gotten to be hard going, and I was scarlet in the face by the time we were done. Not from embarrassment, but from practically breaking my pelvis trying to get her to go. Nevertheless, a ‘meh’ hour is better than no hour at all, and I hope that Tuesday will shake loose the last of the cobwebs…

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