Four Pairs of Jodhs, Three Pairs of Boots, Two Riding Hats…

NO PARTRIDGES  Also, one broken long whip, one slightly broken long whip, a short whip, four pairs of gloves—!— sheesh.

People [taxi men] always say, isn’t horseriding expensive, and I’m like, no, once you get the stuff, you’re sorted.

But I like the stuff, so I keep buying it.

The thing with the gloves, though. That’s something of a story.

See, what happened was, I thought I lost my new pair of MacWet riding gloves. This site is swiftly turning into an advertisement for these gloves, but they are the business. When I received my new pair of MacWet gloves, I had also received a voucher for another pair half price.

So I lost the gloves, and thought I’d avail of the offer. I never did get around to it, though.

Meanwhile, I had had to buy some new jodhs, and the site on which I shop had some suede gloves on sale. Like, less than a tenner. So, you know, I bought them.

I had been using some summer weight gloves, which I washed, and then one of them went missing. I don’t have a laundry room, or a dryer — my machine does double duty, and is one of those European, fit-under-the counter jobs — so ‘went missing’ is a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, the new suede gloves came, and I hated them. They have a rubbishy elastic thingie around the wrist, and they are scratchy, and they make my hands sweat. And they’re a little large, so the sweaty hands start shifting around in the gloves, and the hold on the reins is not so great.

So I rang MacWet and ordered my new gloves.

As well as a pair of winter weight, Climatec gloves.

So, two pairs.


Then, one day I had the urge to go swimming, which I haven’t had much time for. I unpacked the bag that had my swimsuit in it, which I had brought to Bath when I went on that course… and, uh, there was the first pair of gloves. See, there was a pool at the university, but I had booked in that ride out, and I never did go swimming at all, and I… well I forgot I had put the gloves in that bag.

That is why I have four pairs of gloves. The End.

I dug out a pair of jeans that I hadn’t been wearing — I’d gone off them, you know how it is — and dangling by its velcro from some stitching on the back pocket was the other summer weight glove.


One Reply to “Four Pairs of Jodhs, Three Pairs of Boots, Two Riding Hats…”

  1. I’ve a thing for gloves. If I had the money I would need whole drawers in dressers just for gloves. Never need a good excuse for more. I’m afraid to go to the web store you mention.

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