I haven’t had a go on Amigo yet, but he is absolutely lovely to hang out with.

He’s kind of ginormous, a flea bitten grey who’s about… 16hh? At least? Anyway, as high as he is, he’s just a puppy dog. Er, a 1600 pound puppy dog, but still.

He just can’t get enough of breathing into my nose. He nibbles at my nose, but we haven’t had any accidents yet. I know better — I do! — but it’s just so darn cute, I can’t help letting him have a teeny, tiny go.

He hangs his head over his stable door, and cuddles up to my side. My jaw fits perfectly into the indentation above his eye, and his nose rests below my waist. He lets me hook my arm underneath his jaw, and we stand there, breathing.

Uh, yeah, poll at my brow, nose at my waist. Big guy.

But so cute! He adores having his face stroked, and he really likes to lay it against my own. I talk to him and talk to him, and it starts out relatively dignified and disintegrates into abooboobooboobooboo! and a series of endearments that I whisper, because, come on, I’m baby-talking a really large equine.

But he’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute abooboobooboo—

Well, he is.

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