What To Do on a Horseless Monday

Bank Holiday Monday: had a meeting in town, and then decided to do something I haven’t done for ages. I went to the gym for a swim.

Hadn’t gone is so long, the dude at the desk looked up after he checked me in and asked, ‘Em, so are things working out for you at West Wood?’ Which was the most polite way possible to say, ‘Janie, do you never come here a’tall?’

I hemmed and hawed a bit and then blurted, ‘I go horseriding three times a week!’ I’m not a complete couch potato!

‘Horses!’ He beamed. ‘I love horseriding!’

And we had a great chat and I got a new swipe card [I felt fortunate that I even knew where my old one was; I had forgotten the combination for my lock and need to replace it…] and learned that it’s €3 for a towel now —!— but you get a euro back when you return it to the desk.

I swam for half an hour, nonstop, thank you very much, in the 50 metre pool, which was blissfully underpopulated. I hate it when the lanes are as packed as the pavement. And there’s nothing like a good sweat in the sauna.

It’s nowhere near as good as an hour on the horse, but I can see how my fitness is improving. I could have gone another fifteen minutes, but I was annoyed because my iPod — the poolPod — cut out. [Google Otterbox and see what modern technology and hard plastic can do for you.] Ah, well.

Still, it was good to be back in the water. Better still to be up at the yard tomorrow.

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