I’m back. I am surprised at how much head space my book party took up, which probably seems ridiculous, but there you go. I suppose I was downplaying to myself, or whatever, so I wouldn’t get to mental, but it didn’t help.

I was nervous as a bag o’ cats.

Anyway, back to the blog, and whilst there is a theatre festival to attend almost every night for the next two weeks, an exam to cram for, and another novel to revise, I’ll be glad to be back to my equine scribbles. [Or the virtual equivalent.]

Stories to come:
— Since I still don’t have my author website organised, a few words about the last few literary days.
— How I rode Rinaldo! Properly! Will accept praise in advance!
— How there’s a horse for loan up at the yard and I am totally chickening out.
— And a two year progress report.

See you back here soon!