Return of Mojo

I think I may have my seat back over the fences, as far as Rebel is concerned.

We took some low ones on Saturday: the first was so low that he just stepped over it. The others that followed were a little higher, but the exercise we were doing required that we take the fence, then get a line in to trot or canter over a pole on the ground, parallel to the fence.

So, we had to look ahead, and think.

This never fails to stop me worrying about Rebel might do, and in so doing, I do things that he has to pay attention to — inside leg on, head turned, etc — and we work together really well. When I have things to do, like ask for the canter when we land and look for my line, I somehow get back in my seat and stay steady.

Ergo: keeping the focus on myself keeps me balanced.


Last night we did a double, which I dislike less than bounces, and I think my body’s got the idea that we’re secure again because I feel like my position felt correct.

I’m looking forward to Thursdays private lesson, ’cause I’d like to see if I am where I think I’m at.

[Yes, going to the yard on the day of my book launch, because otherwise I’ll go completely bonkers.]

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