Dare I Put The Long Boots Back On?

Yesterday’s post required I dig around the Riding Clothes Chair for the crops I knew lived in that corner.

While I was there, it occurred to me to see did I still have the light blue bandana I used to wear, soI could turn it into a No-Sew Pleated Face Mask; as I was digging around my long boot bag, it dawned on me the bandana in question was last in circulation in 2008…

So yeah, no joy in that. I did find a lovely purple polo shirt, no idea how it got chucked in there, and of course: my long boots.

My calves are not assembly line standard, and I was thrilled to find a pair that fit me, at the Dublin Horse Show. Unfortch, I equate them with the injury I got in 2014 when I should have just fallen off Simba and instead tried to grip with my left leg and fecked up my shin. I was on a crutch for six weeks and not back in the saddle until another fortnight had passed.

I feel like the boots’ inability to give contributed.

Ugh, I put them on for the first time, no lie, in six years, and apart from the shin area, they are nicely broken in, especially around the ankle.

Maybe when this too passes, I’ll drop them in to the cobbler and see can they get a stretch?

Really want to try these again…


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