Many Brave Fools and the Equus Film & Arts Festival 2019

Delighted to announce I am in contention for an award at this year’s Equus Film & Arts Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park, 5-8 December.

Gutted to say I can’t be there to partake in this literal festival of horsey books and films, filmmakers and authors, panels and all sorts of activities.

I am in excellent company in the Authors Corral, and here’s the video to prove it. You may find timecode 3:47 to be of interest…

December seems like it’s right around the corner, and who knows what may change — to the good — until then?

Thanks to Lisa Diersen, Diana De Rosa, Carly Kade and Candace Wade for all the hard work they have done and will do in the run-up and days of the festival!

Go here for more information.


Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency… and Horses is AVAILABLE NOW.

Order your copy today:
> In the US, click on over to Trafalgar Square Books’ site.
> In the UK and Europe, visit Quiller Publishing’s page.

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