The Arrival of the Book: A Storyboard

Ugh: hate getting those ‘sorry we missed you’ notes from the postman. I was going to go and collect it before I went into work last Thursday but, certain it was the actual embodiment of spam [while I no longer review books, I still occasionally get the odd sportsman memoir] I didn’t bother. I’d have to get up like, half an hour early, wait for the bus, take the bus up, collect it and then wait for the bus into town and I was not bothered.

Had I known, I would have taken a photo of the delivery notice!

When the post man brought this parcel from the warehouse, I gasped and I felt the lady behind me jump a bit because I was so loud. I wasn’t expecting it to be my advance copies!
It’s got US of A written all over it! (Plus: the return address)
The fates were with me: I was going to get my steps in and walk home but I couldn’t wait that long β€” a bus arrived in 2 minutes.
I litch just looked at the box for… for longer than you might think. My hands were shaking so much, I was afraid to use my X-acto knife.
Had to walk around in a few circles when I got to this stage.
Took another break after this as well. My apartment is t i n y; nevertheless I walked to the other side of it and stood there, looking at the box.
Holy moly, it is real β€” and it’s my own sportswoman memoir LOLLLLL.


Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency… and Horses debuts on the 5th of March

Preorder your copy today:

> In the US, add your email to the waitlist on Trafalgar Square Books’ site.

> In the UK and Europe, keep an eye on Quiller Publishing’s information page.

2 Replies to “The Arrival of the Book: A Storyboard”

  1. AWESOME!!! What a beautiful book cover, too! Cannot wait for the beauty revealed in the pages. Well done, Ms Susan Conley!! πŸŽ‰

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