New Half Chaps: My Big 2013 Purchase


Very much liking. I was actually terribly bummed last week, when, between the rain and the gales and not wanting to walk up the long, long lane in the weather, I had to wait to wear these.

These are, as ever, from my favourite chaps place, The craziest thing happened! I got an email telling me I could track my order, and I realised that I hadn’t given them my full address. So I rang.

‘Hello!’ says I, and then proceeded to introduce myself. ‘I didn’t give you my full address!’

A tiny beat of silence, and then: ‘I am working on your order right this very minute.’

We were both delighted, and slightly freaked out.

Obviously, they arrived, safe and sound. They fit really well, and are being admired enthusiastically wherever I go.

I do miss the hi-vis stars… may have to see about buying another pair of those. Or maybe the ones with the bright pink hearts?

I also got a new hat, which is okay. It all up to safety standards and all that, and it is light, as new helmet technology seems to be going in that direction. Except it is so light that two weeks ago, I was late getting out of the house, and actually did not have my hat in my rucksack. That’s how light it is. Now, I maniacally check, because it had been years since it was necessary to don a yard hat… and I hope never to have to do it again.

So that’s me, really, for the rest of the year. Well, except I’d like a new stick. And I’m on my second-to-last pair of cotton gloves, which are the only kind I like these days. Oh, gosh, and I’d really like a new long-sleeved top…


My foot is not on the seat, it’s just balancing on the sticky-out seat frame.


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