Modern Technology Meets Horses, Works

My go-to website for ordering stuff is, and I generally take a spin round their place whenever they send me an email, which is, er, twice a week. Or so. Ha, ha.

So there’s this hat, right? It comes in either blue or pink — like, a powdery, lavendery blue, and a magenta-ish pink. I say this like either of those are not worse than straight up blue or pink, worse in that everyone at the yard will notice, and probably not in a good way. Although I think I could pull it off. And the hat is only €45.

Except that it doesn’t specify whether or not it’s kitemarked, and I mean, who’s gonna make a hat that is not, but that weirdy string of letters and numbers is always featured on any info to do with hats, and even though I wasn’t in the position to buy it, I wanted to know. So I thought I’d email them and ask.

Then I saw that ‘live chat’ option.

OMG. Are they out of their minds? A] Hello, high technology! and B] A facility for horse-mad people to just ask a million questions about gear?

I was dubious. Equestrian centres in regard to websites and Facebook have only just — only just — managed to catch up to the rest of us, and sure, who could blame them for being a bit on the back foot? Horses take up time, even more time than the internet! The last thing most horse people have time for is virtual platform maintenance.

In fairness, Robinson’s is a business, and a well run one at that. So I hit the button and typed in my my query.

Thanks, Rebecca!

Go there now and try it out! It is utterly satisfying.

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