Banner Imagery and St Anthony

I’ve had the same picture at the top of this blog since 2007: a very clean shot of a horse’s ears, inquisitive-style. Very: eroo? in speak. [<3 u, cuties!]

I thought, Hey, why not have a look and see if one of the rosette pix looks good? I do, in fact, call them ‘pix’ in my inner voice.

So I lashed one up there — but since I haven’t bothered with the appearance of this blog in five years — and even though I am au fait with uploads, and run another blog at — I screwed up! I wanted to see what the ear pic looked like, to compare, and I clicked the wrong button! The ear pic went away! Cue desperate command-F-ing!

And effing and blinding when I couldn’t find the effing folder of horse blog images on the blinding hard drive!

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wasn’t sure I wanted the rosette picture after all! I searched every iteration of horse, blog, and banner! Now what!

I asked St Anthony.

Now, the non-Catholics among us may be like, wha’? Is that true, non-Catholics? No offence intended, of course, why should you know about St Anthony… And yet. Has not the remarkable power of St Anthony to find stuff — has it not transcended dogma?

What you do is, you say a certain prayer, and then you sit and wait, and then you follow whatever random thought comes into your head, and there is your thing. If it is still in the house, or the car, or wherever. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Anyway! Here is an account of The Charm Bracelet Saga.

I searched my hard drive, I searched my back up external hard drive, I searched through Time Machine… nothing. I thought of asking St Anthony — but how in the world was St Anthony going to be able to help me find a jpg?

Said the prayer — OMG*. My other back up external hard drive! Stored away in an old FitFlops box on my bookcase! The graveyard of old leads and the one floppy disk that, I don’t know, I can’t bear to throw it away.

Plugged it up, and long story short: nested within a folder, nested within another folder, I did find the 01 FLYING CHANGES folder! And the jpg!

He can find anything!

Since I have a choice now — after all that — I’m going with the rosette one. Sure, we’ll see. What do you think?


*Or rather: OMSA


Also: so many exclamation points! Or ‘bangs’, in old school typographer speak. Lol.


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