It Must Be True

I don’t know what we were talking about — I mean, we were talking about horses, but I’m not sure how we got to talking about names. You know, about what the show name, or certificate name, or however you call it, what that name is, which is normally quite different from the barn name, or yard name [whatever that is called] of the horse. I think we had starting talking about one thing, and then about another, and somehow that lead us to talking about good names for horses.

This is the way that horsey conversations go. You say one thing, and then you rethink it, and talk about the converse, and then you rethink that, and you basically just talk all the way around the topic, coming back to the beginning, like a twenty-metre circle, and then you change the conversational rein again, just because, well. You do have to make sure you’ve covered every contingency.

I suppose we all think up names for horses — well, ‘we’, you know who I mean — and anyway, I think I was saying my usual thing about not naming a horse so that it embodies the name, like, ahem, ‘Rebel’ for instance… And we agreed on that, and thought about nice names for horses, and blah, blah, blah, and AM said, ‘… or you could call it Daisy.’ And I shrieked, ‘Daisy is the name of my dream horse!

So it must be true, that there is a horse named Daisy somewhere out there for me. Although: a mare? Really? For my first horse? Eh, not so sure about that. Unless she was mature, like. But not too mature. Not so old that we’d only get a couple of years together. I mean, my ideal is like 7 or 8. Or 9 years old. But 10 or 11 would be okay, too. Although, I was hanging around the yard — I know right, what are the odds?— and this lady was stabling her horse there for the horse show, and she said her mare was like 23 or something and still jumping, still going strong. So I guess it’s down to bloodlines? I don’t know anything about that, I mean, seriously. Also, ‘my’ Daisy is a Palomino, but I don’t think they get big enough? I’d like a big-ish horse. Not massive, like Tango — but if the horse was big like that and amenable, that would probably be okay. And I don’t know, actually I do think a gelding might be better, for a first horse, but I’d never call the poor guy after a flower. But again, it wouldn’t be anything too macho, or he’d be completely unmanageable. I’d call a gelding Will maybe, short for ‘Willing’, or Abe, short for Reliable. Which isn’t really a great nickname, now that I think about it. Oh, I do like the name Daisy, though, I don’t know why, so maybe a mare wouldn’t be terrible, I mean, after all, I won my rosette on Delilah…

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