The Twenty Month Bruise?

Had a good go on Connell on Tuesday night — he was extremely fresh, which is not like him, and much better than the alternative, which is extremely unwilling to go. I know we jumped, and I can’t remember, I think it may have been a triple, but everything got trumped when I got home and stripped down.

I’ve left off worrying about the site of The Injury, as I’ve been distracted by the way the tendons near both my knees keep swapping stress. I haven’t used the magnets in a while, either, because, well, there’s nothing going on there, on the inner part of my left lower leg, between the calf and my ankle, west of my shin.

It appeared as of Tuesday that there was indeed something going on there: in exactly the spot where the muscle tear occurred during that long ago lesson in May 2010 [2010!] was a brown bruise.

I’ll spare you a photograph; over at, where I blog about beauty products, I’ve posted far too many pictures of myself, and most recently, of my un-pedicured feet. Seriously, don’t go there if, like me, you think feet are gross.

So, brown bruise, sort of in the shape of Japan, in exactly the place my physio had pinpointed, in exactly the place to which I used to affix a magnet. Almost two years later, a bruise appears.

Now, I have always bruised if you looked at me crooked. While not being remotely athletic, I have always been sporty, and have always sported discolourations due to everything ranging from playing JV basketball to skiing to falling off a horse to banging into a door frame <— which is why I’m not athletic, I am a little clumsy. I had that one bruise that one time from falling off of Rebel, a bruise that took two weeks to rise. But two years?

According to the internet, how fast a bruise shows up depends upon a number of factors, including age, general fitness, and how hard the bang was. Since this was a tear, and a deep, internal tear at that, there was no way this was going to start turning colours for a while. But almost two years?!

I should take a picture, to show my physio at my next appointment. [Done.] It’s turning kind of yellow now, so it’s not going to hang around much longer, and I’ve been wearing the magnet again.

Almost two years, though! I had a very strange moment of… pride when I saw the bruise, I must say. Almost two years, and whilst I respected my health and didn’t do anything completely irresponsible, I worked my way through The Injury and kept riding at the same time. I think, too, that I was proud of my body, for showing me that it’s been working on healing itself, quietly and deep down, for all this time, and in a way, the bruise is a sign of hope. Almost all healed! Here’s the proof!

Now, when my achilles is completely back in shape, we will all uncork a virtual bottle of champagne…

These are the magnets. They work like a charm, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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