Every So Often…

… we are sitting around, we lessonmates, waiting for the lesson to begin, and we sigh.

We sigh and wish we were around the horses every day.

As a job, like.

I’ve been saying it more and more often, and not always to horse people. I’ve been saying it to people who work in offices who look at me with a curious mixture of horror and envy when I say I’d rather shovel shit all day than…
Than work in an office.
Sometimes even my own ‘office’.

Look, I get it, this notion is sort of [sort of??] romanticising the whole thing, the whole being-around-the-horses thing; that with winter coming on, and with Irish winters having suddenly gotten rather winter-y, sitting in an office might begin to look like nirvana when I am shushing around in fleecy chaps; that I am well able to muck out and do other stuff, but that I may be only half-useful when it comes to putting various horses through their paces β€” and that I likely wouldn’t be let, anyway, so if I’m not going to ride a horse in the course of a day working at a stable, then what’s the point?

Oh! I am missing my Thursday private lesson. This was the first casualty of my budgetary constraints [sitting-in-office work being thin on the ground] and wowie, I am beginning to feel the lack of it. Believe me when I tell you, getting up at 5.50 am to get on a bus to get on a bus to get in taxi isn’t the part that makes my heart yearn… And being half asleep for the first ten minutes sometimes made for rough going. But oh, I miss the groom time with the day’s mount, after the work was through, and I miss the saunter down the lane to get the bus back to town. I miss the hush of the yard, I miss being only one of three or four people there, I miss all the horses swinging their heads over the door when I walk into the barn.

Sure, they think I’m breakfast, but still…

I could clean tack! [Once someone teaches me.] I could saddle everything up! I didn’t know how to do anything before, and I learned…

Well, I’m sure we’ll sigh this thought out again, and who knows, maybe this wish will come true…

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