We were on the left rein, which is Connell’s good side. We were cantering primarily as a ride, and the four-leggeds were gettin’ excited.

So there we were, coming around to A and then all of a sudden, by F I was like:
‘Hmmm, this is kinda fast.’

At B, I went:
‘Yeah, I think — uh oh.’

As we were just about to pass M, I thought:
‘Am I going to fall off? Maybe I should bail?’

As we passed C, I finally mumbled:
‘Uh — whoa!’

And sat back as he stopped on a dime behind Prince.

Yeah. Four thoughts in six seconds — actually five, I managed two at M. I think for one second, one second between F and B, I sat back and enjoyed it. And maybe it was more than six, it probably was, but damn, if it was more than ten I’ll be surprised. It was FAST.

I am so not taking him out on a ride out…