I’m too embarrassd to check out when was the last time I checked in.

But, here I am! Still not done with the memoire-based essay book proposal, gotta finish the second sample chapter [on falling; I believe I could write an entire book about that at this stage], and have been sort of hoarding words for that. As I expect to seriously begin looking for a horse – talk about burying the lede – I’m hoarding that experience, too.

Has my horseriding become so circumscribed, then?

Wasn’t sure about the usage of that word, I think the ‘scribe’ part got me, but it does indeed apply. I’ve drawn a boundary around my thoughts, it seems, and have corralled them away from the internet. I have to think in long form, now, and it’s actually taking some rewiring of the brain: I’ve been writing anecdotally about the horses for two years now,and it’s taking some effort to tie it all together.

On the other hand, I believe that writing breeds writing, and since I’m still in a state of distractionation, maybe getting back to the blog will create some flow.

Anyway, I’m busily scalping these pages for material – which was the whole point of these pages in the first place – and think I will start posting again. After all, I’m riding four different horses at two different places: surely I’ve got something to say about that?

Oh, yeah, and talking about buying a horse. [This is progress: before it was just thinking about looking for a horse, which on a scale of 1 to 10 for passivity, is 25.]