The Pony Parade

So, at one stage, whilst waiting to have another go at the fences, we all noticed that a bunch of ponies had… run out of the lean to, or something? and were pelting up the big hill. Flynn was tacked — didn’t care, he went and followed all his friends to freedom.

Ha, ha, so cute, look at them go.

And then we were done, and were about to leave the upper arena…

And someone had gone to get the ponies, and they were pelting back down to the lean to.

Amigo flared his nostrils, and whinnied.

Uh oh. It was definitely a hello, there, little friends, where are you going, I’ll come along too! kind of whinny, and the last thing I wanted to do, unsurprisingly, was fly down the rocky incline after them.

Amigo bunched up on his hindquarters —

And I went, Oh, shite! and then somehow, I don’t know how I did it — unless I do know, meaning that I turned myself back towards the arena and admittedly yanked on the right rein — but anyway, we were suddenly not looking at the pony parade and were going back into the arena, where Sharon was keeping Lucy in check.

Took a breath. Headed out again —

And I heard a scrabbling on the rocks about halfway down, and one of the horses, who had been in the upper arena too, but was suddenly not, went trotting by. I kept on looking ahead, sat back, got down, and got the hell off before anybody else could show up to distract us.

I certainly won’t be waving any flags at the next pony parade…

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