It Takes Time

It just does. It takes time for me to get used to a horse. I’ve been riding Amigo well, and we jumped on Saturday, just wee ones, a foot if that, but I need to do that. I need to take my time with a new horse.

I’ve been riding Amigo at least once a week now, let’s say… it’s been seven times? Eight? I can say that the fourth time was the charm. You have to learn a horse, and they’re all different, and there are things I can get away with on Delilah or Rebel that don’t work with Amigo, and vice versa [emphasis on vice when it comes to you-know-who.] Amigo really doesn’t like it when I give him a bad line into a fence. Really doesn’t. So how do I know that, unless I do it? I don’t.

I simply don’t. There’s the thing, and I bring it to the lesson myself, of having to be competent immediately on an unknown mount, and it just doesn’t work. I end up feeling bad about myself, and then it takes who knows how many lessons [two?] to get back to the place where I know that I need to relax and go with it.

It’s good to know.

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