More work on the bus. I spend a lot of time on buses. I wish I could spend more time on trains, nothing like a train for daydreaming out the window.

So, on the bus, and I took a quick scan of my posture, which was appalling: shoulders hunched and down, bowed over just enough to be noticeable to my good self, head sort of flopping.

I sat myself right up, like I was in the saddle, and kept it up for the rest of the journey.

On Saturday, Barbara, uh, pointed out my slump, and I immediately told her about how I was practicing on the bus. Well, her beaming smile was as good as a red ribbon, and she enthusiastically pointed out how this was an excellent thing to be doing.

She’s still not happy with the way my elbows are floating all over the place, so I’ve added that to my daily repertoire. When I remember to do it, that is…