Don’t shop online when you’re jet lagged. You’ll buy stuff.

I found a new site for jodhs, and bought a pair… and new long stick, the current one having long since lost the wiggly bit on the end… and new boots. I know! I know! But they were one sale! And they lace up and look really spiffy!

I also bought a DVD, Enjoying Riding: Perfecting Your Seat with Tina Sederholm, which I cannot wait to watch, and a book, 100 Ways to Improve Your Riding, by Susan McBane, which I’ve flicked through. I’m having trouble leaning in on the turns, and there’s helpful advice to do with the auld seatbones, which I’m sure I’ll see in the DVD. And there’s a few other books on amazon that look interesting, I swear, I haven’t had a bunch of horsey books in ages

Credit crunch? Recession? Sorry, did you say something?

One Reply to “Stuff!”

  1. Hi there, since you’re clearly a fan of online horsey shopping (like me!) I thought you might be interested in a new site I’ve launched where horse riders and horse owners can share recommendations on all things equestrian related.

    My aim is for http://www.ridersrecommend to become a really useful resource for people researching what products to buy and to spread word about the best equestrian gear out there. Thanks!

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