Night Mares

JFK AIRPORT I haven’t seen one live horse since… the 13th of December.

I haven’t seen any dead ones, it’s just the only horses I’ve seen have been in commercials.

Not even a donkey in a field!

You get used to seeing equines everywhere in Ireland, whether it’s the horses you ride yourself, or the mounted police [whose animals are absolutely gorgeous, and nuclear warhead-proof], or the traveller kids driving their pony-and-traps along the seafront. When I get driven from JFK to NJ, which doesn’t happen often, we at least pass a riding school, weirdly situated by the BQE, amongst the protected marshland and the garbage dumps.

I think I dreamed about driving and seeing horses the other night, they were ponies sitting in the snow, and it occurred to me that it might be bad for the ponies to be sitting in the snow, but they looked happy enough, and were eating stuff of trees, or something. They had big eyes [the ponies, not the trees] and were very fluffy, which is why I wasn’t so worried about the snow, and what could I do about it anyway, I was in a speeding car.

That’s how bad it’s gotten, dreaming of ponies that I can’t even touch.

This is the longest I’ve gone without horse in… the two years and a bit that I’ve been riding. What if I don’t remember anything???

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