You Can Keep Yer Theory of Relativity

I got Rebel to give me inside bend on Tuesday.

Both Nikki and I realised it at exactly the same time. She shouted, ‘Good, Sue! Look at that! Can you feel it?’ just as I looked up at her, gobsmacked.

I could feel it, and I could see it, too. I could see his inside eye, just as I had been promised I would, lo, these many years, and I could feel his body hinged just so against my inside leg.

We trotted another circle. Still doing it. His head was held proudly, I thought, and his gait was particularly light.

We went large, changed the rein to the left, and did another series of circles from E to B.

Nope, not so much – Yes! There he went again.

My God.

Seriously. I have been riding this horse for well over a year and I’ve never felt anything like that from him. And the degree to which I was doing it right has something to do with it, too, a trine of inside leg to outside rein to just the correct twist at my waist.

This is why I love this. I love this because you go and you go and you go and nothing happens, or it feels like nothing is happening [or, actually, nothing is happening] and then you get up there and go and you get inside bend.

So keep yer e=mc2, bub. Some flashes are genius are less lasting, but certainly more gratifying.

All relative, I guess…

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