The Great Debate

It’s got nothing to do with breeds or feeds.

Do I take off my half chaps after a lesson, or keep them on?

It wouldn’t be much of a debate at all if I drove. Since I wait for the bus, I have to make a choice.

If I take off the half chaps and change my boots, then my sweaty calves are exposed to the chilly night air. If I don’t, then I walk around in the boots that I wear when I ride, which I just like to ride in, not walk in. It’s a hangover from when I used to do aerobics and didn’t wear my gym shoes in the street.

My riding boots are thin, which is why they’re good riding boots, there’s not much interference between my foot and the stirrup… but then my feet get cold.

Cold calves or cold feet? Can’t decide.

2 Replies to “The Great Debate”

  1. I leave mine on. Not just for the warmth factor, but also for the gawking factor. I feel so awesome marching into my favorite after-lesson eatery dressed in my riding clobber (as you say), smelling of horse and sweat and pure unadulterated JOY. There’s a young girl in my building who, when she saw me all decked out said, “Do you ride horses? That’s so cool!” I have to agree with her, it is so cool thankyouverymuch!

    1. Right there with ya β€” I’ve recently gotten long boots, which are not great for walking around on the pavement (and I don’t like to use my riding boots as walking boots, if you know what I mean) but OH how I would like to stride around the ‘civilian’ world in those!

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