Well, You Should Have Just Watched It On Telly Like Everyone Else!

SEE BELOW Yeah, well, okay, so… shut up.

I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bear to sit there and know that other people, people I know, were watching it at the same time. It’s the equivalent of shutting your eyes, and thinking that just because you can’t see someone else, that someone else can’t see you. I

t worked for me.

And it’s not like I’m not travelling about town unmolested [hmmph], it’s not like everyone single person I knew in life saw it [and why not, I’d like to know??], it’s not like I’m suddenly notorious or anything [feh.]

People do come up to… one, though, with this look in their eyes. It’s like being seen for the first time. It’s weird, and I think this is the thing that appeals to that lot that go on Big Brother, or insert name of reality television show here: ‘one’ gets looked at with a different level of awareness, and I expect that folks get hooked on that.

Not me, though. Nope. Obviously.

One Reply to “Well, You Should Have Just Watched It On Telly Like Everyone Else!”

  1. I can understand the ostrich thing. To use a theatre analogy, is it like being perfectly happy playing a totally crazed nympho Ophelia to a few hundred people a night but then refusing to watch the taped show? Or the “hating the sound of your own voice” thing to the power of ten.

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