With the Ade of Lucoz

BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!* I had forgotten about Lucozade.

The bubbly orange energy drink is an old standby as regards the morning [the entire day] after, and whilst not in the same league as Red Bull, 380mls of it can get one through a low energy day. It is positioned as a sports drink, which maeks it sound ‘healthy’, but to me, it could just as well be full of uppers. For whatever reason, it overrides wooziness, fluey-ness, and general woolliness.

Somehow? It’s like 100% glucose!

So powerful is this brew that I didn’t even need to finish the bottle. Perhaps I was on the way to feeling better. Most likely, it was the act of getting out to the yard, arriving in the yard, changing into my boots and chaps and hat, that overrode the blahs. Standing pressed up against the wall of the indoor, trying to stay out of the rain, once again all feelings of unwellness disappeared.

It’s amazing what you forget when you’ve got to pay attention to a horse.

*He Man was really more my brother’s thing than mine, but I couldn’t resist…

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