Wading through pony campers to get to my kit bag this morning, a young voice ventured to ask:

“Was that you on the telly last night?”

I looked down into a girl’s beaming face; her friend, over her shoulder, blinked, and blushed.

“Uh… uh huh.”

“You were really good!” She smiled, and I… said, ‘Uh. Thanks,’ and thought, well, good, if a kid thinks I was really good, then I must have been, you know, fine.

But: “Did they show me falling off Rinaldo?”

She kind of hunched her shoulders, and still smiling [kindly], said: “Yeah.”

Ack! I banged my head against the wall. She reiterated my goodness, and her friend blushed and nodded, and I ducked out of there, and felt the very cynosure of pony camping eyes.

Saturday should be interesting…

Still haven’t seen it yet. It’s up on RTÉ until 10 September, but sadly, for all my readers off the island of Ireland, it’s not viewable. I’ve asked about getting the clip to upload, but what with copyrights and all… I’d say I’ll keep you posted, but that is, of course, a bit redundant.