The Best €8 I Ever Spent

So I bought a comb, brush, and pick at the horse show. And I’m not afraid to use them.

Well, okay, I was. I’d nominally groomed the occasional horse, but never any of our schoolies. I had asked if it was okay, and it was, so last week, I started.

Rebel was up first, as he was untacked. He gave me his feet, no problem, and I did the best I could — the frog thing kind of freaks me out, and I wasn’t sure how deep it was in the muck, so I did what may have been a cursory, at best, job on his hoofs.

The combing? He loved it! Stretched out his neck, and stood still as a stone throughout, a delighted, contented stone, if that’s possible. Brushed away at him, and he even went so far as to nuzzle my leg. Success!

Tango was next. I didn’t go near his feet, wanting to gauge how well he was going to take the whole me-standing-in-his-box deal. He was saddled up, and it also seemed like a bad idea to untack him — didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. He was okay on the near side, but then lost interest once I got to his off, and kept trying to get out of his stable to look for random bits of hay. Oh, Tango. There’s no getting near ya. I thought this might be a way into your good graces, but, alas.

Delilah: hated it. Ears flat back, shuffling feet, I gave up. She’s such a mare! She hates the hose, too, there’s no keeping this girl clean.

I gave Mercury a going over, he liked it fine, until he started to push me up against the wall of his stable. Note to self: get the horse as close to the middle of the area as possible.

Jack got some brushing on his neck, and he loved his face being rubbed lightly.

That’s all I had time for last week. This week, I was running a little late, and only Rebel got the full monty.

And you know what? Two weeks in row, he’s been absolutely brilliant. Found another key to one of auld Reb’s many locks…

As for myself, it is such a pleasure to tend to the horse, to be the distributor of TLC, to spend the time doing something that benefited them. And it also gave me another level of feeling like I’m doing more, getting more out of it myself, and participating in the life and times of an equine. It feels useful, and I’m happy to be of use.

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