Oh, Man

When the phone rang kind of earlish [9.38 is early in my world], I sort of knew that maybe something was up.

When I walked into the paper to be greeted with ‘You’re a star!’ I definitely knew that the cat was out of the bag.

Which begs the question: Why allow yourself to be filmed for a television show if you’re going to get all antsy about being on television?!?!

If I sell some books, great; if I get my non-fiction horse memoir sorted, even better.

I’m guessing that my pals at the production company are behind this little bit of exposure. Well, you know, there you go.

And I, in turn, disseminate it further.

Well, it is good material…

So much for keeping a low profile
So much for keeping a low profile

3 Replies to “Oh, Man”

  1. Hi Sue,

    Am just in Dublin from NY for a few days, and I just caught the show.

    I was very interested to see you on the 130 bus. I used to spend my summers, Christmases and Easters at my Grandad’s in Clontarf, and used to take the (then) 30 bus into town to go to riding lessons too.

    Another coincidence, my grandfather was a journalist and every August he’d take me to the RDS for the horse show, and we’d spend the week in the Press Box. It was wonderful!

  2. Hi saw your on tv last night and felt i had to send you a note. I too am in my early 40’s and took up horse riding just 2 years ago this september and to say that it is a comsuming passion is so true. I can only go once a week but i may increase that if i can! Its normally indoor but we have on occasion worked in the outdoor arena. I have found that when i ride i forget about all else and just concentrate on the horse, jumps and thats it for the hour. It gives you time to chill and yet a little adrenalin rush at the end when you clear the fences!!
    Thanks for a good show

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