I just need to take better care of the ones I’ve got.

Because I haven’t taken the best care of them, the toes are separating a bit from the sole.

I don’t clean them properly either; despite the crazy wet weather, even during the winter, I haven’t had to scrape off mud and poo and God knows, not to the degree I did when I started.

I might be that I’m stepping in less mud and poo. I don’t know.

When I get back from Paris next week, I’ll drop them down to a cobbler, have them cleaned and polished and have the toes fixed.

And when I’m in Paris, I don’t really need to call in to the shop in the 15th, located behind the Ecole Militaire. Although the thought of mounted French horsemen is… tantalising…

And I didn’t really need to come across [‘come across’] the website for Le Club Hippique in the Bois de Boulogne, with their 17km of trails through the park…

On, man. I can’t go anywhere, anymore, can I?