Time Travel

THORSEDAY So, this is how it all panned out:

My phone alarm went off at 6 a.m. I shut it down.

My back up went at 6.30. A grudging rise, and the usual morning activity ensued: coffee, shower, email.

Oops, 7.30. Had to get the first bus fairly sharpish, to get the second at 8.10.

Delayed my exit somehow, and watched the 130 surge by. Damn.

Didn’t have long to wait, but I knew I wasn’t going to make the 44C…

And I didn’t. I kept walking and got the LUAS. Off at Dundrum, and walked up to the taxi rank, and got to the yard bang on 9. I’d been getting there earlier, thus starting earlier, but alas: the lesson began at 9.15, and I wasn’t on the road to the 63 until 10.

Roadworks has changed the route a bit, and I saw the bus pulling into its temporary terminus. 10.15, and it wasn’t due to leave until 10.45. Time for a latte, then, and off I trudged, into the retail park that has sprouted, incongruously, at the foot of the Dublin Mountains.

The bus driver declined my offer of a coffee. I availed of one myself, as big as my head, and a chocolate croissant.

The bus left promptly at 10.45. Less than fifteen minutes later, I was nipping across the N11 to hop on a 145.

And fifteen minutes after that, I was disembarking at the foot of the road that leads to my Reiki horses.

I think that walk was a good fifteen as well, and by 11.30, I was seated in Festina Lente’s ginormous indoor, watching some advanced pony campers practice their dressage test.

Not bad, by my reckoning: the bus connection went as I had hoped, and maybe I can squeeze in some grooming before legging it for the 63.

Anyway, it works! Thorsedays are offically launched!

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