Taking Stock

1. It takes me two lessons to get back to scratch after a ride out. My private lesson was not great on Thursday, I had Delilah, and I’m not used to her anymore. Bouncy as jeep over rough road, my right leg was flapping all over the place, and the jumping was dire. I didn’t get all in my head about it, so that’s good.

2. Elbows are waving in the wind as well, must remember to give a thought to them.

3. Jumping: ack! Shoulders hunched, hands pulling back, what happened? I think it must be some fear I picked up on Rebel. Today in the lesson, I had Ruby, and when Barbara said we were going to jump with the reins in one hand, I was like, uh uh. But, as ever, once it began, it had to be done. The jump was about a foot high, and it was actually quite awesome to do, so that’s something. Even in the canter. !

4. Uh, use the body and the legs to guide the horse. This was something I was apparently not doing when holding the reins in a single hand. Not getting the requisite aids from me, Ruby kept going large. Learned a lot today. Especially about the hunching shoulders. I may go back to grabbing mane until I get them relaxed again.

5. Riding Delilah, I think I pulled a little tendon or something behind my knee. I’ve gotten more passive prangs off of her than anybody else. And I have sore bone in my foot, don’t ask me how one wrenches a bone in one’s foot, but there you go. Is it my narcissistic metatarsal? Could be.

6. I think I better order a couple more long sticks. I’ve already broken one, I think Rebel stepped on it and then I jammed it getting on a bus. Snapperoo. My new gloves arrived in three days, plus I got a 50% off thingie on another pair, so I’ll get another pair of those, too. I can’t recommend them more highly: MacWet are available world wide, [er, I think] and they are light, well-fitting, and sturdy. I wore them out over the course of seven months, not bad as five of them have been spent riding three times a week.

Additionally, I’ve broken out the spare pair of nice, black, spankin’ new jods I had bought in November ahead of my trip to Spain, so will need to get another pair of those, too. The jods are wearing out less as I am washing them less, which is gross, but economical.

7. Put elastics in every jacket I might or might not bring with me. I managed to dig one out of my kit bag, as I had forgotten to slip a couple round my wrist, and my hair was mingeing afterwards. Two plaits suit me better than one. Barbara let us take a fence as ride, on and on and on, and it was amazingly fantastic, but I was drippin’ by the end of it.

8. Continue to talk about my issues with different horses. It’s good to share, and I learn so much, mostly that not everybody likes every single horse, and that not everybody can ride every single horse, and that other people feel like eejits after riding a horse they don’t like/don’t ride well. This is good for my morale.

9. My queendom for a horse…

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