To everyone who googles Short Back and Sides and ends up here. Quite a few do.

Beckz did an hilarious post on all the search terms that lead to her site. I get a fair few dodgy ones, as I am something of a potty mouth — or was, as I was appalled by the things that were coming through. There are some nasty ass [whoops] links out there, and I am making the attempt to secure those gateways.

Having said that, I did a quick search of the phrase on The Urban Dictionary and it yielded nothing, so the haircut isn’t code for something contrary to its meaning, like… well… nope, don’t want any traffic due to mentioning what would appear, to many, to be the act of inserting a repository of oolong into its proper receptacle.

But hey, thanks for visiting, and should you have any horsey acquaintances, pass along the link!