BECAUSE I WAS BACK IN THE SADDLE? I didn’t realise until I was getting off the last of today’s buses that my back wasn’t at me anymore.

I woke a bit conscious of it, and I can’t say when I totally forgot about it. Did it just stop twanging? Or was it because I wasn’t sending it any attention?

I had thought, rolling out of bed this morning, that it might feel bad when I mounted. I imagined maybe pulling it more, or whatever I did to it, maybe halfway through the lesson: would I fall? Would I have to get off? Would I have to stop?

It wasn’t even on my mind. It just… went away. Any discomfort: gone. Ah, the healing power of the yard. And again, of putting my body in the posture in which the thing went funky in the first place. Maybe my back just needed a nice stretch. It’s good reminder though. What we focus on, grows. In this case, what we completely forget about goes away.