A Week Missed May Not Be A Week Lost

HMMMM Not, sure, I’ll get back in more detail after my private lesson tomorrow… I’d been, heh heh, chomping at the bit after having not ridden for a week. I had my Tuesday last night, and I made up for Saturday this evening, and yes, I’m off again for my two o’clock tomorrow, but I don’t seem worse for the lack of wear.

In fact, I’ve had some time to think, to really give some thought to things I’m meant to be working on, like I used to in the very beginning of my riding career.

Let’s just say that, so far, I seem to have come back with some real assertiveness, and I think Rebel got some stuff to think about now…

2 Replies to “A Week Missed May Not Be A Week Lost”

  1. G’luck with your lesson – hope Reb doesn’t ‘test’ you too much. And don’t forget – this is supposed to be FUN!

    Also, pls advise: Half chaps, benefits, uses of? Underwear choices whilst riding? [or, is a G-String REALLY a good idea? also, ah jaysis I need a heavy duty armour plated sports bra …. ] Preferred riding gear in general? Where do you get kitted up? I can’t recall any major saddlery / riding shops in Dubh. Maybe Kildare is the place to go [Kildare as in the Curragh, National Stud; not Kildare as in Horse Heaven]


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