I had kind of suspected as much.

The Amazing and Magical Stick of Wonder [AMSW] is almost as long as my leg. I tried to carry it in my bag, sticking out by about a foot, and every time I turned around, I could hear it scraping against something: a wall, a door, the side of a bus.

I didn’t want it to break. And, oh yeah, and didn’t want to put somebody’s eye out.

I knew it wasn’t going to work very well. I pretty much carry all my kit on my back, very well organised in a medium-sized sports bag, and I knew that a long stick was going to complicate my life.

Given the alternative— an uncooperative Rebel, which is the exact opposite of an oxymoron— I was prepared to work it out.

On the way home from Thursday’s private lesson, I decided to just carry it. People carry long, stick-like objects all the time! They carry umbrellas, they carry canes, they carry… yeah, well, a whip’s a whip, and seeing as the rest of me looks like I’ve been going horseriding, I got my fair share of lairy looks.

Not a bother on me, though. I held it close to my body, perpendicular to the ground, the top as high as my shoulder, the rest tucked in next to my leg. No one got hurt. Received nary an indecent proposal [darn it.] Managed to avoid poking my own eye out. All good.

Its awkwardness is not the end of the world, and in fact, may very well be the beginning of more forward movement on my part. Literally and figuratively. I’d felt a bit stuck in recent weeks, but the AMSW has given me a new lease of life. The least I can do is carry it proudly.