Talkin’ the Talk

THE FLYING CHANGES BOOK CLUB In this post I mentioned in passing about how I read that holding my pelvis, while in saddle, as if it were full of water, with the intent to prevent the water spilling, would secure my seat. This reference inspired the following comment from a reader:

You mention here about how a book describes it and somewhere else you mention things you’ve picked up from books. Do you have any good recommendations on books that were worthwhile? Especially any with exercises geared towards riders?

Why, thanks for asking. It happens that I do.

But I’m afraid this is just a teaser. One of the things I intended to do from the start was write about the many [many] books I’ve read that have to do with equitation, ‘horse whispering’, healing, self-discovery [ouch, my cynicism just poked me right between the eyes] and basic barn maintenance. Some of the information, given my relative newness to the world of the horse, floats over my head like a big helium balloon. Some of the exercises and proscriptions are out of my reach because I don’t have my own horse [yet]. Many of them tell inspiring and moving tales that make my skeptical synapses stutter in confusion. All of them have informed me, one way or the other, and are contributing to my becoming a horse person.

I have never done anything in my life, ever, never engaged in any activity or hobby or even profession without compiling a specific bibliography every time. If I hadn’t moved so often, and had been able to keep every single book I’ve ever had [oh, my lost friends… I have fallen into a bog of nostalgia], you’d be able to track every passion I’ve ever had. Ah, well. Let’s have a moment’s silence to remember every volume that’s changed our lives.

So, thanks for the comment from My Horse Tales: I’ll endeavour to get my act together, as there really is little I love more than talking about books. Well, horses. And horse riding, duh. And travelling. And fellas. Maybe not necessarily in that order…


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