I’m It

EIGHT THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME Anne from smellshorsey has tagged me to play an internet meme, originated by Rebecca Laffer-Smith at The Writer’s Roundabout. I am delighted to join in, particular due to the first item on my list:

1] I’m supposed to be studying for a social psychology exam. I’m sitting the three hour, three essay event from hell this afternoon, and true to form, I’m cramming. This no longer comes as a surprise to me— I was the one in the back of the bus scribbling the required two pages about Julius Caeser— and I can only sigh at my red-alert level of procrastination [the problem, of course, being that I got an A on that Shakepeare paper]. My intention in studying psychology was to pursue a creative arts therapy degree, but I’ve changed my mind; however, I’m on the diploma track and can’t imagine not finishing. I’m a finisher of things I start.

2] I was a graphic designer in my first career, and I think part of the reason that I wanted to get the art therapy degree was to reconnect, and perhaps… purify? my visually creative impulses. I took a life drawing class at the National College of Art & Design [NCAD] and realised that A] I absolutely remembered how to draw and B] I wasn’t that interested. I do make art, mostly collaged journals around specific themes, and I make necklaces, too.

3] I still am a graphic designer. I left it [mostly] behind for five years and worked as a freelance theatre and cultural critic for a variety of Irish publications, but a series of setbacks in the industry [lack of funding for theatre to be made, then in turn to be criticised] and personal reversals [left my marriage] required that I get my butt back in somebody else’s office. I am extremely grateful that I’ve got a skill that can, and has, gotten me through some rough spots— and does support my extracurricular creativity.

4] I am always— always— always on time. Always. I am pathologically punctual.

5] I really want to compete in showjumping. Even on a wee, tiny, local level. I think about it all the time. I think about how far I have to go, and it doesn’t curtail the desire to get out there, on my own horse, and do it.

6] I write novels and screenplays, and have made five short films. I have long had ambitions to make a feature, and hope that I will. I’ve sold my first novel [don’t ask: I’ve got about four different ways to describe as anything other than chick-lit] to a publisher in the UK for a modest sum, and am awaiting the contract. As far as I can tell, they get everything including a monthly harvesting of my ovaries. Okay, not really— a quarterly harvesting.

I had an agent, and it didn’t work out; I did this entire business myself, and have contacted a solicitor to help me read the legalese; while I’m sick with nerves, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t give up. If you get anything else out of this list, get this: Don’t. Give. Up.

7] Considering all the things you don’t know about me, this should be much easier to do than it is! Okaaaaaay: I can’t eat breakfast the minute I get up. Not even the hour after. It makes me sick. Working in an office means, though, that I do actually consume a breakfast-shaped feed, because it allows me to ease into the whole being-in-an-office thing. And I can procrastinate about doing work. And do my email. And my blog. It’s the longest bowl of muesli in the world.

8] I’m a Reiki practitioner with absolutely no interest in working with humans. The main reason I started hors eriding lessons was because I’d taken a Reiki for Horses workshop and realised how much I wanted to be around them. It’s an unexpected bonus that I am actually becoming a competent rider. In my amazing, coming-to-be life, I am a fulltime writer and horse-Reiki person and I ride every single solitary day.


4 Replies to “I’m It”

  1. I was tagged by Anne as well. It will probably take me a bit to get it done. Seems like I’m always in the middle of posting a series whenever I get tagged. Guess that’s probably becuase I’m so windy that everything turns into a series. But sometimes soon, I hope to answer the tag, although if you do enough of these there will be no more things left unknown! lol

    I didn’t get my first horse until I was forty. I have always had the bug but was never in a position to have horses until then. Now I’m making up for lost time.

    I hope you reach your goal of jumping. I sure would be trying it if I was younger. I love to watch good jumpers sailing over those fences.

  2. You have a novel coming out! My life’s ambition! Tell us more once you get the contract signed and I’ll pre-order at Amazon at once. (Through your link, if you put one up.)

    I am so impressed — and jealous!

    Thanks for playing, by the way.

    You have a very interesting past and present. If you’re not pursuing the art therapy career, are you going to stay in your current job and just finish the degree? (At least until your second novel and your feature film come out.)

    You’ll be show jumping in no time. Then you’ll have a need to go to the Olympics….

    Nice to find out more about you!

  3. I want to know more about your upcoming novel too!!!

    I think it’s fantastic that you have so many qualifications. I often think my seven year old is on the track to becoming a graphic designer. She’s far more apt at drawing both on paper and on the computer than I am and really seems to love it. Of course, I’m rather jealous, it must be amazing to have a visually artistic slant. I’m perspective-blind, even my driving suffers. lol

    I’m a Reiki 2 certified practitioner and I don’t practice on people either. I actually tend to let it use me rather than the other way around. Sometimes my hands will just turn on, usually it’s when I’m around sick people or historical objects. I figure if they need the energy I’m glad to conduit.

    Maybe you should harvest a few of your ova before you sign the contract. You know, just in case. 😉

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