‘The Champagne of Apples’

…according to The Internet, from whose many rabbit holes I now debouche, blinking in the light.

There wasn’t much trial and error in discovering Cathal’s favourite treat. Carrots are a welcome second, Polo mints are expected in addition, but when it comes to apples, there is a definite preference.

It’s not like he’d refuse anything produced by a malus pumila, but I’d noticed, primarily due having to peel off the little sticker, these were appreciated in greater fashion as opposed to a Granny Smith, which he chewed with little enthusiasm, or one of those mealy sorts, the bright red ones that look good enough to star in a fairy tale but alas left the big black cob less than impressed.

As seen in captivity.

Due to the sticker, they are easy enough to identify, and prove very popular on these shores. The Cripps Pink is a cross between a Lady William and a Golden Delicious, and were first cultivated in Australia by John Cripps in 1973. The apples have since expanded to orchards around the world, including the US and France, as well as South America and South Africa. They’ve knocked the Granny Smith off the top branch in the UK, which serves to underscore Cathal’s discernment.

Ugh, I literally see them everywhere. Also: UGH, littering!

I like them, too. They truly deserve the appellation of Champagne, due to their crisp, sweet-tart taste. These apples are the first to blossom and the last to be harvested, and that extra bit of sunshine is what gives them their fizzy goodness. And! Cripps was inspired by a cocktail called a Pink Lady in a favourite novel, a cocktail comprised of gin and grenadine and egg whites which sounds like a nope, but in fairness: gin.

A fair trade.

Pink Ladys are also good for you, having a higher concentration of antioxidants and have been shown to be good for the heart, in terms of managing blood pressure and general stress. And for bribing your horse so you may jump clear and win rosettes…


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See pinklady.co.uk if you’d like to see an actual video about apples, or consult my sources on Wikipedia and theconversation.com as well.

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