It’s Officially Official! Many Brave Fools Is Live!

Early on in the book (not really much of a spoiler), I recount my first day on the yard, a neophyte, unsure of where I should be or what I should be doing. I was so intimidated by the whole taking-a-horseback-riding-lesson thing that I wandered around in a daze. I spotted a clutch of girls hanging around in the doorway of what was surely the barn and I didn’t go it. That was most definitely out of my realm.

I made it in there the very next week, but soon there was another goal in sight: the loft. That was for livery people, not the likes of me and I could not expect to ascend to such heights.


The day I took this picture was almost as exciting as today.

I had been keeping my back protecter and boots and sundry items in a locker, and one day found them — the lockers and everything in them — missing due to renovation. They hadn’t been moved far, but I had a dilemma that was happily solved by being told I could indeed bring a box and put it upstairs. I couldn’t even believe it; I had arrived.

Little did I know how many times I would nearly snot myself on the stairs; that I would hide many a long stick only to have it disappear; that one box would become two.

That it would prove a meaningful location for a photoshoot.

THANK YOU to everyone at Trafalgar Square Books, at Quiller Publishing, fam and friends on both sides of the water, and of course, all the horses, who have literally carried me through and forward.

It’s all yours, readers!


Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency… and Horses is ON SALE NOW!

Order your copy today:
> In the US, please see Trafalgar Square Books’ site.
> In the UK and Europe, I direct you to Quiller Publishing.

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