The Queen of RICE*

In response to having injured my lower left leg in mid-2010, in the winter of 2010/11 I pulled the medial ligament in my right knee, which is kind of on the inside and around the back. After that healed, I then pulled a tendon or something in my left knee area. I simply switched my stretchy support bandage from one side to the other.

Yesterday, before I left the house for my lesson, I felt like my right knee was acting up again.

I had felt it tweak a bit on Saturday, and by the time I got home it was back to status quo, which is: I was aware of it, as I have been since I injured it, but not so much so that I was conscious of it. Do you see what I mean? I am always aware of it now, it is a thing I check in on, the same as I query my left foot and knee, but I don’t think about it all the time, the way that I did about the teeny bit of calf muscle I tore that had such a monumental effect on my riding for the past eighteen months.

I put on my stretchy support bandage and made my way to the yard. I got there, and went to the loo before I put on my body protector. Somehow or another — maybe the floor was slippy — I twisted my leg just so, overextended my knee, and fecked the ligament again.

Well. At least I had the bandage on. I made it through the lesson, no small feat as you will have read/will read above, and was limping by the time I got off my first bus home. Once there, I got out the Tylenol, the gel ice pack that is always at the ready in my freezer, stuck the ice in the bandage, and sat. Given my experience in this realm, I feel like it will sort itself out sooner rather than later. It’s not the big fear I had when I banjaxed the Achilles, but I’m now conscious of this part of my body again, and I’ve learned not to mess around.

The post re: the Achilles injury is here.

*Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevation

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